Upgrade Your Outsourced Energy Management

Allow ActiveBAS to help improve the transparency and reliability of your outsourced energy management.

Energy Management Made Simple

We offer two energy management tools that can improve your outsourced energy management. One product can help you to not only reduce the cost of daily energy management but will also improve your overall energy efficiency. Our other product helps you to gain better oversight of your energy management outsourced company and improves transparency and insight.

Simplified Daily Control

EnerControl by ActiveBAS simplifies the daily energy management process and reduces the associated cost. Using superiorly designed AI our tool learns building preferences and then automatically controls your various systems for increased energy efficiency and occupant comfort.
Benefits of EnerControl:
  • Reduced utility spending
  • Improved occupant comfort
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • IMproved equipment life

Simplified Decision-Making

Using EnerAnalysis will not only improve the decision-making process but will also increase your knowledge when talking to your energy manager. Our AI-based system automatically collects energy use data to help suggest and model building changes for increased energy efficiency. Use our system to see the impact of proposed system changes before investing time and money.
Benefits of EnerAnalysis:
  • Improved insights
  • Cost-saving proposals
  • Highly Accurate modeling
  • Increased data quality

Improve Energy Efficiency

Both EnerControl and EnerAnalysis improve your building’s energy efficiency. EnerControl improves energy efficiency by optimizing your already installed systems and equipment to reduce waste and improve occupant comfort. EnerAnalysis give high-quality data so that you have the power to make informed decisions to improve your energy efficiency.
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