Let ActiveBAS Be Your Energy Manager

Managing your building's energy use can be difficult, time-consuming, and expensive, we can help.

Save Money, Improve Efficiency, Reduce Effort

ActiveBAS can help you maximize energy savings with an autonomous energy management system that requires no human intervention. Our solution allows you to achieve optimized energy efficiency while saving money.

Let AI manage your energy

We know that day-to-day alarm requests can be a massive time suck. Instead, leverage our 20+ algorithms who are able to correct and prioritize these system failures across your portfolio with a real time autonomous HVAC solution. ActiveBAS integrates seamlessly into your Building Automation System, empowering your team to focus on getting results done. Today, ActiveBAS supports 500+ buildings across 10+ organizations.
Your team can chat for:
  • Offer guidance to improving your facilities’ systems and environment
  • Evaluate and quantify energy projects
  • Automated reporting of all energy and sustainability activities, metrics (cost savings, CO2, water, etc), and achievements on prescribed intervals. Communicate plans and progress to all levels of staff through presentations.

Track energy codes, local laws and energy star, LEED

From manual data entry, to spreadsheets, you may be "getting by", but could use automation and predictions when it comes to energy process standardization. Then there are things like sustainability, local laws, and equipment/sensor/comfort management that you just don't have time to think about or the technical knowledge in-house to address. Stop wasting millions and start investing smarter.
Let ActiveBAS help to establish and/or streamline your:
  • Mechanical planning management process
  • Energy procurement and demand response
  • Energy capital projects selection, installation, optimization & verification
  • Utility data collection, processing and storage for energy, water, waste
  • Energy efficiency benchmarking
  • Energy Star, LEED and GRESB data, storage & upload

Easily View Your Progress

Your energy data should be easy to navigate, particularly when you have questions or need to report on what's happening in it. The ActiveBAS Platform offers visibility into all aspects of your mechanical infrastructure, all in one place, including:
  • Track Performance by timeframe, type, and area
  • The status of open strategic energy projects with ActiveBAS
  • Benchmark to other buildings in your area with similar characteristics
  • Building performance analysis compared to predictive baselines
  • Project implementation support including commissioning and bidding tools
  • Project performance validation

Leverage our expertise and guidance

Get access to a fully loaded energy team that can talk to all levels. Because we want to support your organization across all of the aspects of it's energy needs, we've acquired the tools and wide array of expertise to match. Between our Customer support, Analytics Team, and Customer Success teams, you have access to 30+ Energy management experts who are available to make recommendations throughout your service. As well, we've partnered with key technology providers that help us provide you with best-in-class Infrastructure.
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