Energy Management Simplified

ActiveBAS offers energy management tools that dramatically improve how you perform your job.

Simple Energy Management Tools

Energy management is a difficult job. You will often find the process to be time-consuming, costly, and complex to perform. With our suite of tools, you can not only reduce the cost of doing your job but can also speed up and simplify the process all while improving energy efficiency for your clients.

Automate Day to Day Control

EnerControl is one energy management tool that can help you to automate daily tasks for increased efficiency. Our product uses superiorly designed AI to learn building energy use and preferences. Once the system has learned the building’s preferences, it makes automatic adjustments to improve energy efficiency and reduce utility spending.
EnerControl Can:
  • Adjust lighting levels
  • Optimize temperature setpoints
  • Improve occupant comfort

Streamline Energy Analysis

EnerAnalysis is our energy analysis tool designed to make the analytical process simpler. Our AI-based system collects, manages, and analyzes energy use data and automatically suggests potential energy conservation measures or ECMs. Our system will also simulate proposed ECMs with high accuracy to help you show clients their potential impact.
EnerAnalysis will:
  • Analyze energy use
  • Propose cost-saving changes
  • Model potential ECMs

Simplify Energy Benchmarking

Using the Energy Star Portfolio Manager API, EnerMark dramatically simplifies the energy benchmarking process. Our system reduces the time, cost, and labor required to benchmark the energy efficiency of a building while improving the accuracy and quality of the data.
EnerMark helps:
  • Reduce cost
  • Improve accuracy
  • Increase speed

Improve Energy Data Collection

Collecting energy data used to require you to access data in multiple locations. EnerData can gather, merge, and reconcile data from both internal and external sources with ease. Our improved data collection product removes barriers and allows you to make decisions quicker.
EnerData reports:
  • Energy KPIs
  • Consumption by sector
  • Energy source comparisons Protection Status