AI-Driven Building
Energy Solutions.

Capture, evaluate, and optimize your building
energy consumption in real-time.

Let ActiveBAS Automate Your Building

Deploy Artificial Intelligence to Streamline Your Energy Management

  • Uncover how data is managed within your building systems
  • ActiveBAS provides a consolidated dashboard where you can analyze the current status of your building systems anytime.

  • Enable energy flexibility
  • Install ActiveBAS smart box to store energy for peak-load shedding and empower your building to achieve energy flexibility.

  • Take control of your building controls
  • Manage your building energy controls and their performance from a centralized location.

  • Forecast customer demand
  • ActiveBAS follows a predictive maintenance approach to ascertain tenant demand in advance.

Get Back to the Driver’s Seat

Drive Energy Efficiency into Your Future

  • Transition to smart controls and thermostats
  • Get your conventional energy-consuming building machinery upgraded with AI-based smart controls and thermostats.

  • Benchmark your building’s performance
  • Let ActiveBAS optimize your building operations for Energy Star compliance.

  • Automate optimized actions
  • Automate system action optimization to mitigate risks.

  • Comply with energy codes and local laws
  • ActiveBAS programs your building’s energy performance to surpass minimum law requirements.

Maximize Equipment Uptime

Achieve Energy Sustainability

  • Manage your building equipment
  • With ActiveBAS, you can gain control of all your BAS subsystems and keep them performing well without intervention.

  • Detect and diagnose faults
  • Deal with system faults before there’s any threat to equipment efficiency.

  • Prevent system failure
  • ActiveBAS is designed to minimize your electricity usage and prevent failures during an emergency or power shortage.

  • Enhance occupancy comfort
  • Low-cost energy-efficient building equipment allows tenants to enjoy better living conditions. Protection Status