Increase your savings with your own energy intelligence team.

At ActiveBAS we use energy market forecasts and artificial intelligence to help you in saving more money out of your electricity bill.

Monitoring the volatile and confusing electricity rates is a hard task. Luckily, our energy experts have done all the difficult work for you and integrated it into a cloud based software tool.

Plan your energy usage

Specific events a few times a year have a dramatic impact on your electricity bill. By getting notifications for these peak demand times you can prepare and avoid costly energy bills. And by applying simple means of HVAC adjustment or up to shutting down a facility, you can avoid these expensive market spikes.
Save More, Make More

Save More, Make More

48% of energy costs link to a few hours a year. This unbelievable figure means that avoiding the costly days can significantly reduce your total annual electricity expense and leave you with more funds for growing your business.
Don’t Stay Behind

Don’t Stay Behind

Our customers have saved together
over $40M!

Join hundreds of smart consumers who already enjoy a leading energy technology, market forecasts, and dedicated account executives to stay ahead.

You Decide What You Want to See

Our software helps you in maximizing your savings. However, you don’t have to be an expert in operating it. Built-in integrations and custom dashboard will allow us to tailor the best solution for you, saving you from unnecessary flood of information while telling you just what you need to know.

Make The Most of Your Electricity Saving Potential

We will be there for you all along the way. Saving electricity by using a software tool for predicting peak prices offers a new and inexpensive way for cutting down expenses for your company. No hardware modifications, no massive CapEx. Use the power of SaaS and let our experts do all the work for you behind the scenes.

Support From a Real Person

A dedicated (and real) Account Manager is available to you every step of the way. Seamless upgrades from a world-class technology team to keep you ahead of the market. Notifications of any regulatory changes in the market that affect you and how to handle or capitalize on them.

  • Usage Data
  • Access prospect and customer usage data

  • Custom Reports
  • Create custom usage and savings reports

  • ROI Calculations
  • Generate usage specific ROI reports

  • Market Access
  • Customer specific up-sell opportunities

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