Real-Time Optimization of Control Systems

The HVAC system optimizer solution consists of a self-adapting control algorithm based on weather, occupancy and EnergyPlus modeling

Save Money, Improve Efficiency, Reduce Effort

ActiveBAS can help you maximize energy savings with an autonomous energy management system that requires no human intervention. Our solution allows you to achieve optimized energy efficiency while saving money.

It's Easy To Implement

EnerControl by ActiveBAS is an automated energy management software upgrade that provides 24/7 optimized control for occupant comfort. Our system requires no disruption and minimal installation time to implement AI in your building.
  • Step 1: Installation
  • Step 2: Learning your building behavior
  • Step 3: Analyzing and determine optimal performance

Automatic System Adjustments

Daily energy management is a complicated and time-consuming task which is why it is often overlooked. Lack of daily control often results in increased energy costs, expensive repairs, and negative cash flows. Our superiorly designed AI energy management tool is quick, easy to use, and cost-efficient. EnerControl will make automated decisions for cost control and increased occupant comfort. EnerControl will:
  • Control building's energy usage and costs
  • Analyze energy production patterns
  • Identify energy wastage
  • Optimize your energy performance

Easily View Your Progress

EnerControl visualizes your building's energy usage to automate processes, predict problems, and fix them quickly and efficiently. You can view your energy usage data on our simple, easy-to-use dashboard at any time. EnerControl Reports:
  • Energy consumption rate
  • Detected anomalies and inefficiencies
  • Energy conservation opportunities Protection Status