We analyze energy use and suggest, simulate, and model energy conservation measures.

Let Our AI Work For You

With EnerAnalysis, our superiorly designed AI can help you to gain cost-saving insights on energy use. We can even suggest and simulate the impact that proposed energy conservation measures (ECMs) will have on utility spending.

EnerAnalysis Can:

  • Provide superior energy analysis
  • Suggest money-saving ECMs
  • Simulate the impact of ECMs
  • Benchmark building energy use
  • Create virtual building models
  • Adapt to changes as they’re made

Centralize Decision Making

With our advanced energy analysis product, you can make decisions to improve system function and energy efficiency with ease. Our platform allows you to view data from all your various systems, meters, and submeters in one central location to not only speed up the energy analysis process but to reduce the hassle in gathering data to make decisions.

Receive Suggested Energy Conservation Measures

Our superiorly designed AI system works in the background analyzing building energy use in real-time to gain a holistic understanding of building energy needs and occupant preferences. Once this information is gathered, EnerAnalysis generates proposed energy conservation measures to help improve energy efficiency and occupant comfort while saving you thousands on utility spending.
  • Upgrade Air Handling Units
  • Switch to LED lighting
  • Change temperature setpoints

Let Us Automate the Energy Analysis Process

ActiveBAS reduces the time and effort necessary to perform building energy analysis. Reduce the headaches surrounding analysis by allowing our AI-based system to optimize and speed up the process for you. We help you get back to performing the work that has the most impact on improving building function.
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