Improve your energy management process with our simple to use tools.

Our Approach

ActiveBAS supports your business at the meter, control system, and equipment levels. Unlike traditional solutions, ActiveBAS model features AI capabilities that are proactive, comprehensive, and customized to your needs.

1. Analyze

During onboarding, we’ll create a detailed view of your organization building performance and with predictable costs and savings.

2. Data Driven Model

Leveraging all of the data we’ve gathered, builds a Data Driven Energy Model that reflects actual building energy consumption with near 100% accuracy. The Energy Model enables machines to run simulations that can forecast future building performance based on a wide range of variables and predict savings from different HVAC, lighting and building envelope investments.

3. Deliver Energy Savings Solutions

Using our Equipment Scoring and Energy Model for each of your buildings, ActiveBAS enables you to make smarter decisions, stay on top of building and portfolio performance, and ensure the success of your modernization and optimization projects. Protection Status